UK Little Owl Project has launched!

Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who has re-tweeted and visited our exciting new UK Little Owl Project website since its launch two days ago. We’re really happy that people have started to report their UK Little Owl sightings. We’re also very grateful of your generous donations, which will help towards the project's running costs. Thank you so much - we really appreciate your support. We're excited to develop this project. Please follow our blog for updates. 

The UK Little Owl Project is very much a team effort between Emily Joáchim, Andy Rouse Wildlife Photography, Keith Fielding and Big Wet Fish. We’re very proud of our beautiful website, which has been hand written to our requirements by the talented Keith Fielding; this includes a precise sightings report form and mapping features. We’re really grateful to Big Wet Fish for providing us with a powerful server for our launch – they’re a great team to work with. 

Andy Rouse Wildlife Photography has generously funded this website and continues to support this project through sales of his stunning Little Owls - Living on the Edge book. Purchase Andy's Little Owl book through this link and he will donate £10 to the UK Little Owl Project for each one sold.

Lots of people have contacted us to let us know the location of their local Little Owls - we'd love for you to report these sightings here. Thank you!