Little Owl lays her fourth egg

I eagerly visited this site on Monday the 27th April to download the latest video footage and to find out if this Little Owl had laid a forth egg since my last check 48 hours ago. The average UK Little Owl clutch size is three or four eggs; therefore, a clutch of four eggs is not unusual. I'm delighted to share that a forth egg was laid on Sunday the 26th April at 20:35 hours; there was 46 hours and 1 minute between her third and forth egg. The female Little Owl was taking an 'incubation break' when I arrived. I wonder if there will be another egg when I visit this site again in two days time? Check back to find out!

I'm having a couple of issues with my camera system, as it is no longer recording between 20:00 and 06:00 hours. Plus recorded footage often flickers. I'm not an expert in camera technologies – I tend to work out how to fix the system using trial and error. I've already purchased new batteries, but the issue persists. Today, I quickly swapped the camera over with one that is better quality. I should see an improvement in video quality. I've covered over six of the LED lights and have placed a filter over one of them to ensure that the camera system does not affect Little Owl behaviours. I'm excited to see the new footage.

This UK Little Owl laid her forth egg on Sunday the 26th April.

Female Little Owl is incubating her eggs 18-22 hours a day.